broken heart2God breaks the heart again and again and again until it stays open. Hazrat Inayat Khan quoted in “The Exquisite Risk by Mark Nepo

I don’t think God wants us to have pain and grief in our lives. but without it how can our hearts learn to be open? A closed heart seems to be sufficient unto itself. It doesn’t expect to be broken. When it is we are just like Humpty Dumpty. We are broken. But God can come in and mend the cracks and holes. Let Him in.

Loving God, you only want the best for us but sometimes we are crushed by grief and pain . Help us to turn to you in our loss and let your love mend our hearts. AMEN

memoryDo we remember to ask God’s forgiveness for the wrong things that we do? Sometimes I think we just push them to the back of the mind and let it go. God will forgive us if we ask. Then there is the challenge of believing that we have, in fact, been forgiven.

Loving God, you are ready to forgive us. All we have to do is ask and then believe it. AMEN

Tell Others Thank You

gratitiudeYesterday was Thanksgiving and I am still on a gratitude kick. We have a tradition for each person to say something that they are thankful for. Yesterday I asked them to name something that is not the usual routine such as family, home, love etc. I said reach out and think of something different. My granddaughter (who is a recent college graduate with a fairly new job) said she is glad that she can live at home for now and save money. I am sure her parents were happy to know that she is grateful for that. It is good to share our gratitude. Too often we don’t thank God and we don’t thank others either. Share your gratitude with others.

Grace giving God, thank you for your gift of grace and all your other gifts to us. We thank you especially for your gift of you son. Help us to thank you and others for our gifts. AMEN

Open your hand

fistIn today’s society I see so many angry people. It seems that everyone is upset about something. The football players who are choosing to confront people with their opinions seem angry. Some of them have held up clenched fists. I don’t think that anger changes anything. It just seems to set off more anger. Christ calls us to be the first to let go of anger and offer our open hand.

God of all, let us encourage open handedness and love instead of anger. AMEN

Are we compassionate?

compassion_quotes4It is so easy to be compassionate to those people that we like. But what about the people who have hurt us in some way? That is not so easy. Too often we hold a grudge and always look at that person differently. Recently someone who is not my favorite person came down with cancer. The diagnosis made me think about my own feelings and that my petty complaints were of no consequence. I have been moved to compassion but I should have been there from the beginning. We never know what is going on is someone else’s life. We must learn compassion for all mankind.

Forgiving Lord, remind us that we may not know all that is going on in the life of someone else. Help us to stay away from judgement and instead practice compassion. AMEN

We are not Christians in Isolation

Solitude vivifies; isolation kills.                                                                                                Joseph Roux


There is a difference between seeking solitude and seeking isolation. The first leads to thoughtfulness and dreaming. The second to disconnection from others. We are not Christians in isolation. Being a Christian is being part of a community. Other Christians hold us up when we are in need and we do the same for them. The stories of others enhances our own faith. Take time to be with other Christians. It enriches your faith.

Beloved God, you did not create us to be isolated but to be with others. Help us to take the time to be amongst other Christians. AMEN

Choose Love


choose loveEvery day we have choices to make. The choices determine our path. Today opportunities to choose hatred, violence, dissension, and other negative ideas is in our face every day. Our world is in crisis. Maybe it has always been but due to our methods of communication we see and hear it every day. We can’t fix everything. We can fix something…..especially ourselves. We must choose love. In every situation every day. We must do this. It is imperative. Choose love.

Most loving God, help us to see you in every face we see. Teach us to see beyond the surface and love the soul within. AMEN

The person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed.   Bennett Cerf

Laughter is a gift from God. God planned for us to laugh. He gave us the ability to find things funny. God wants cheerful Christians. One of our concerns as Christians is the ability to laugh at ourselves. We can take ourselves so seriously that we can’t see the humor. We often think we know all about God. How arrogant. God’s thinking is so far from ours that I’m sure he is amazed at some of our ideas. When we overstep our bounds we have to have the ability to laugh with God at our naivety. Don’t forget to laugh….especially at yourself.



Forgiving God, I am sure that you find us amusing. Help us to see the humor in ourselves and to laugh a lot. AMEN

Love is a Decision

Love is not only something you feel, it is something you do.

David Wilkerson

love is a decision

I have often talked about faith being a a verb and not a noun. Love is the same way. Love is an actin word. It is not static. One of the things I learned in Marriage Encounter is that love is a decision. We decide each moment if we will love or not. We tend to depend on feelings instead of decisions. God calls each of us to love one another. It is a choice. It is a decision. Decide to love!

God of Love, remind us each day that love is not a feeling but a decision. Help us to choose to love as you have called us to do.


The Earth and All That is Therein

Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.

Rabindranath Tagore


Have you ever sat in a forest and listened to the wind through the trees? The sound is like angels whispering. I love this sound. How horrible it would be if there were no longer any trees…no longer any forests. We humans were given dominion over all the earth. What have we done with it? We a are growing close to extinguishing ourselves. How can we be so selfish? The suffering will be in the generations to come. Think about that.

Glorious God, you created the world and chose us to care for it. Help us to see what we are doing before it is too late.