Rest in God

seek God 3We spend so much time in prayer asking God for things but take little time so listen for answers. We must seek to be with God. To rest in silence and meditation and wait for him. God waits for us…we just have to let him find us. In God’s presence is peace.

Patient God, you wait for us to come to you and we doing asking for things. Help us to learn to just rest in you presence. AMEN

He maketh me

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.………….Psalm 23

god rested

Have you ever thought about the word “maketh” in this part of the Psalm? God didn’t just ask us to rest. He makes us rest. The trouble is we don’t take this seriously. There is always something to be done. Things pull at us 24/7. But God “maketh me to lie down.” God demands that we take time to stop, rest and be at peace. Keep that in mind.

Caring God, you know that we cannot race through every day and still hear your voice. We must lie down in green pastures. AMEN