Forgiveness Heals


It is so easy to be angry with someone who has hurt us in some way. It is also easy to hold on to that anger and feed it every day. Anger causes physical changes in the body. Blood pressure rises, heart rate increases and adrenaline increases. All these things are bad for our health. God calls us to forgiveness. We may not be able to forgive all at once but each day we can work at putting anger away. Forgiveness is healing. We are the ones who are healed the most.

Forgiving God, help us to learn to follow your example. You forgive our waywardness always. Help us to learn to forgive others as you forgive us. AMENĀ 

Sharing Heals

In our won woundedness, we can become a source of life for others.

Henri Nouwen


One of the things I have learned in life is that the trials that I have encountered have meaning. My understanding of others has grown with each trial. God uses our experiences by using them to help others. Don’t be afraid to share your griefs and your trials with others. Your experience can be healing for them.

Healing God, remind us that what we have learned in our journey can be used to heal others. Cod calls us to use those experiences for the good of other. AMEN