You don’t have to know the result

I think this is the perfect time to center on a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.


I am sure that Christ had no plan to be the most important person the world has ever known. His plan was to teach us about his father and how to live our lives. Each of us has a choice each day to live as Christ taught us. What is right is always the thing to do. We don’t know what the impact of that choice will be. It doesn’t matter.

Do I seek you?

Where do I seek you?



I say that I seek you

in all I do


But I look

in the noise of mindless music

in the television’s continuous voice


I hunt for you

by being in charge

by filling each moment

by running away


hear my voiceI don’t stop

to hear you voice

your answer


When I am lonely

When I am sad

I cry to you


but when things are good

the need disappears

and I don’t seek you


And then I don’t

listen for you

to answer my cry


┬ęSuzanne Boyd 1997

Would you be willing?

I have often thought of the sacrifice God made by leaving heaven. The poem “Choices” is about that.



It is hard to believe

that God

existing in heaven


would be willing

to come

to earth to live


entering time for us

to suffer

and die for us


I doubt that

given the choice

I would be willing


to give up heaven



┬ęSuzanne Boyd 1995