Do I seek you?

Where do I seek you?



I say that I seek you

in all I do


But I look

in the noise of mindless music

in the television’s continuous voice


I hunt for you

by being in charge

by filling each moment

by running away


hear my voiceI don’t stop

to hear you voice

your answer


When I am lonely

When I am sad

I cry to you


but when things are good

the need disappears

and I don’t seek you


And then I don’t

listen for you

to answer my cry


©Suzanne Boyd 1997




The new year is on its way. As you are thinking about what it will be like forget about making resolutions. Just keep in mind that God loves and trusts you. He believes in you. There is nothing more important than that. There is nothing more that you need. Believe in yourself. Move forward with confidence knowing that you are safe in His hands.


Present in the ordinary

Great Smokey Mountains 2012We keep searching for God. we spend most of the time wanting him to be in the spectacular. We forget that God is always present and can be found in the ordinary. He can be seen in the dinner we cook for our family, in the beds we make, the work we do and the times we play. He is present. Celebrate that!

The Coming


Tonight I just want to share a poem I wrote a while ago.

The Comingchristmas-nativity-scene-with-holy-family-.jpg

The night was dark and cold

or so I’m told

when God became a man

The stars were bright and clear

seeming so near

when shepherds strode the land

The angels sang for him

a special hymn

praising God’s name

and in a manger bare

with creatures there

sweet Jesus came

merry-christmas2The night again is cold

though time grew old

since he was here

his spirit lingers on

in my soul dawns

his presence near

for in my heart I find

Christmas reminds

me he’s not apart

but here to be with me

as long as I can see

him in my heart

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Would you be willing?

I have often thought of the sacrifice God made by leaving heaven. The poem “Choices” is about that.



It is hard to believe

that God

existing in heaven


would be willing

to come

to earth to live


entering time for us

to suffer

and die for us


I doubt that

given the choice

I would be willing


to give up heaven



©Suzanne Boyd 1995

Just When the Night is Darkest — A Pastor’s Heart

This is such a wonderful post that I wanted to share it.

There is an old adage, “It is always darkest before the dawn,” which may or may not be based on scientific fact. Whether scientifically true or not, my darkest moments have led me to moments when light has broken through what I thought to be impenetrable darkness. I wonder if it isn’t that we simply […]

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Get ready

What are you doing to prepare for the Christ child? There are so many ways that we can focus on the meaning of Christmas. Take advantage of at least one if not more.


Put unused items in a box to be delivered to the needy

Read your Bible every day. A good place to start during Advent is with Isaiah or one of the Gospels about the birth of Christ. 

Take time to pray for your needs and the needs of others

Thank God each day for all that he has given you

Befriend someone who is alone

There are many more things to do…but focusing in these last weeks will make Christmas more special