Forgive Us

animalsGod sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants, walks in animals, and thinks in man.

Arthur Young

God created all things. The Bible gave us the most wonderful picture of how that happened. He then turned the responsibility over to us to care for it. What have we done? We have raped the earth. We have thought only of ourselves and our wants. I hope it is not too late to reverse the damage but it will take every one of us. Do anything you can to halt the damage.

Forgiving Lord, we have sinned against your creation. Help us to move swiftly to make up for our abuse. AMEN

Love changes things

normancousins1-2xOur actions can make a difference. I met someone I hadn’t seen in years and hardly remembered. The person greeted me with great warmth and told me that I changed her life! I didn’t remember anything about this. I had no idea what I had done but she did. We can make the difference in someone’s life…..mostly by love. God has called us to love one another. We may never know the result of our interaction….but God does. And we might know someday… but we may not. Be aware every day that you may be the difference!

Loving God, you have called to reach out in love. Help us to take those opportunities seriously and reach out to others.

Smile! there is no charge

smileEach day we meet people whether at our job, walking on the street or maybe even on the phone. We never know what is going on in the lives of the people we meet. Even when talking to someone on the phone we can smile. You can hear it in a voice. Smile as you pass people on the street. You may be the only person who acknowledged their existence today. You have no idea what that simple gesture can mean.

Merciful God,  forgive us for not passing on the love that you have shown us. Help us to smile at others and wish them the best.  Amen

Where is God?

-Where_Is_God--_By_Minot_J._Savage_Poetry.djvuI hope that everyone was able read this poem. It illustrates a problem that most of us have. We can’t see the forest for the trees..We spend time trying to find God. We search everywhere. We want to be able to prove that God is. The thing is we can’t. There is no way to prove God. We just need to choose Him. Choose every single day to accept and believe that God is with us because that is exactly where he is!

Ever present God, forgive us for not knowing that you are with us even when we can’t feel your presence. Teach us to accept that you are with us every moment. AMEN

What do others see?

happinessGod did not choose for us to be unhappy. It is not a good advertisement for life lived as a Christian. Who want to join with people who go around with grump or gloomy faces. God wants us to be joyful Christians. People will want to be with you and find out what makes you able to live in this way. Be a happy Christian.

Amazing God, you want our lives to be happy and fruitful. You want the face we turn to the world to draw others to you. Help us to live this out. AMEN

Shades of Gray

judgement-shades-of-grayIt is so easy to judge others. We do it every day. I may be a simple thing such as making a comment about someone’s hair. We may also judge about more serious things forgetting the sins in our own lives. God has said that he is the only judge. Take his word for it and try to curb your judgement of others.

Forgiving God, help us to understand our own missteps….work on ourselves and not judge others. AMEN

The Power of Love

powe and loveIt seems to me that the striving for power in this world is one of the greatest evils. The need to feel yourself more powerful than someone else is addicting. The thing is God calls us to be servants. Servants are not the people in charge. If we love others we do not wish to feel more important than them. We want to uphold them and help them to be the best they can be. Remember that we are called to love.

Forgiving God, help us to push down the desire to be more powerful than others. Those who love seek love not power. AMEN

You are Unique!


Each of us truly is a limited edition. God only made one of you and one of me. There has never been another person in the past or future exactly like us. Each of us can make a contribution to God’s world and our contribution will also be unique. You have a role to fill…. a ministry to live out. You just have to look hard enough. Where God calls you may seem insignificant compared to someone else but that is not what God had in mind. Your ministry is important to God. Nothing is too small done in his name.

Loving God, you know that each of us has something to do for you. Help us to find that ministry and live it out. AMEN

Are we compassionate?

compassion_quotes4It is so easy to be compassionate to those people that we like. But what about the people who have hurt us in some way? That is not so easy. Too often we hold a grudge and always look at that person differently. Recently someone who is not my favorite person came down with cancer. The diagnosis made me think about my own feelings and that my petty complaints were of no consequence. I have been moved to compassion but I should have been there from the beginning. We never know what is going on is someone else’s life. We must learn compassion for all mankind.

Forgiving Lord, remind us that we may not know all that is going on in the life of someone else. Help us to stay away from judgement and instead practice compassion. AMEN

You Can Help!


God has called us to help others. Maybe in some situations you think there is nothing that you can do. The thing is, there is always something. Maybe I can’t help the person miles away from me but what about the one next door or across the street. God reminds us that when the person we help may be Jesus,

Loving God, remind us that there is always some way that we can help. Be present with those in need following natural disasters and lead them to safety and security. AMEN