Darkness and Light

Genesis 1:4

God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.

Sometimes it is so hard to see the good that can come. In the dark and fearful times it is hard to even think of the light. We can feel the darkness closing around us and there is no light to be found. We have to wait. We have to see the light when it is not visible. It is there. Just believe.

Prayer: God of light and darkness help us to know that your light waits for us. Give us faith to see your light even in the darkness. Amen

Advent: the season of expectation

It is advent my favorite season of the church year. I am sad that I can’t attend church and see the advent colors on the alter and the wreath lit week after week. I miss it so. I love this hymn that can be used adding a verse each week.

Advent is for anticipation and expectation. It is a time for looking toward good things. What could be better than the birth of a baby. Even after the upheaval of moving, downsizing and changing our lives completely I still want to immerse myself in the coming joy.


light shines


When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.   Charles A. Beard

This quote reminds me of one from my journal of saved quotes.

Now that my house has burned down I can see the moon more clearly.  From the movie Hiroshima

Both of these quotes remind us that light penetrates darkness. In the worst of times there is hope.

Light one candle

This is the darkest time of the year. Jesus is the light that is coming to us. His light will shine and banish the darkness. In my church one more candle is lit each week to signify that light coming into the world. We are in the darkest time but that light will come!

Loving God, help us to wait with anticipation the coming light. AMEN

You may enjoy this song about lighting the four candles of advent.

See the light

When it is dark enough, you can see the stars. ———————Charles A. Beard

Sometimes our lives can be filled with darkness. Nothing is going right. Life seems unmanageable. But it is true. When we can go outside, away from lights, we can see the stars to clearly. The trick is that we have to trust enough to go out and look up. God’s light will be visible to us if we just look. It only takes a little bit of light to change everything.

darkness (1)

Amazing God, you created the light and the darkness and are present in both. When all we can see is darkness help us to look for your light. AMEN

Don’t forget to play!

Play is not an escape; it is the way to release the life-smothering grip of busyness, stress, and anxiety….(It is) a modern expression of hope, a celebration of the flickering light of the gospel that plays with the dark by pouncing on the surrounding darkness like a cat toying with a mouse.—————Michael Yaconelli in Dangerous Wonder


I love the image of the light of the gospel pouncing on the darkness like a cat. Play is important to our health as human beings and an expression of the joy that God has given us. Play is NOT wasted time. Be sure to find ways to be playful like that cat and enjoy it.

Unexpected God, you have gifted us with the ability to play and seek out joy. Remind us how important it is. AMEN

The light of life

When the soul is troubled, lonely and darkened, then it turns easily to the outer comfort and to the empty enjoyment of the world.  ————–Friedrich Froebel

When things don’t go well for us it is easy to try to find solace elsewhere. Some find it in a bottle, some in drugs, some in sex, some in parties and high living. The problem is that none of these things light the dark space where the soul resides. Only God can do that.

light of life


Patient God, you wait for us to discover that our only light is in you. Help us to turn to you in our dark times. AMEN