At its best, Christian community nourishes the alternative life of centering in God, and instill at passion for compassion and justice for the whole creation.———-Marcus Borg

To be the Christian we are called to be we need to be in community. We need others to share our “God moments” and to hear theirs. We need the support of the community when we are in crisis and should be ready to help when others face problems. If you have not found your community keep looking!

community 3

Compassionate God, help us to find that place where we can nurture others and be nurtured. AMEN

Mind yourself

Difference of rite ought not to involve differences of faith-———Christopher Dawson

Sometimes I think that we spend as much or more time pointing out the flaws of other denominations that we do about other religions. Some feel that their path is the only one and want to be sure that everyone else is wrong.

God is so far beyond out understanding that none of us can claim to have the only truth. Don’t waste time putting down others.

Gracious Lord, remind us to mind our own search for you and not someone else’s. AMEN

No judging

be kindWe are so quick to make judgements. We can decide in one moment about a person and be completely wrong. Indian lore talks about walking a mile in someones shoes. Many times I have known someone for quite a while and had no idea of the tragedies in their life. We have to let go of judging. God knows the whole story and will judge. It’s not our job.

Loving God, you know how we put people into categories and make judgements. Help us to see others with compassion and love.

“Comparisons are odious”


My favorite author, Madeleine L’Engle says: “Comparisons are odious.” This works in several different ways. Do we spend time comparing ourselves to others and falling short? Do we compare to prove that we are better than. Comparisons hurt. It hurts us if we end up feeling unworthy. It hurts us in a different way if we see ourselves as better than others. In this country our founding fathers said the “all men (women also) were created equal and endowed with their creator certain inalienable rights…..etc.

Lear not to make comparisons. They hurt no matter what.

Creating God, you planned for to stay away from comparisons. You know their power to create pain. Help us to see all mankind as equal. AMEN


respect-1Since women are becoming ever more conscious of their human dignity, they will not tolerate being treated as mere material instruments, but demand rights befitting a human person both in domestic and public life. Pope John XXIII, Pacem in Terris, April 1963

It is interesting that this was written in 1963. With #me too in the news the pope saw the problem many years ago. There are two versions of the creation of humans in the Bible. One has woman created from a rib of Adam and here is the other one.

Genesis 1:27 So God created humankind[e] in his image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them.

In this version male and female were created equally. Women must be respected.

Loving God,  you created us in your image. Remind us to respect both sexes equally. AMEN