Don’t be afraid

safeThere are times when life seems so terrifying. We would just like to stay in bed and cover our heads. That is not what Jesus is asking us to do. He wants us to come out of the comfort zone and take a chance. We can do many things for Him if we just try. Don’t be afraid to do something new for God.

Incredible God, you created the world and everything in it. Help us to be a part of continuing the creation and not be afraid to try. AMEN

Personally, I am stuck with one foot in the past and one foot in the present.            Anthony Kiedis


Too often we get stuck following the familiar path. It is so much easier than doing something new. We are not willing to reach outside of our comfort zone. God expects us to explore all of our options. What we are called to do may not be the thing we are doing now. We tend to think that we have no talents but God uses EVERYTHING. Don’t be afraid to try something new to serve God.

God of creation, you know everything about us. Help us to seek the thing you want us to do and not be afraid to try something new. AMEN