Time is something we take for granted. We think we have an unlimited amount. We don’t. That is a blunt statement but true. Because our time is precious we need to choose our priorities carefully. Do you set aside time for prayer? Do you take time for church? Do you read the Bible? We tend to put these things on the bottom of the list. Make sure you keep your priorities in order!

Gracious Lord, you allotted each of us time to follow you. Help us to remember what is important.

Too comfortable

A faith of convenience is a hollow faith ——Father Mulcahy in MASH


Christianity did not begin as a belief of convenience. In fact, it was very inconvenient as the early Christians were persecuted and killed. Now that it is an “accepted” religion we take it for granted. We can conveniently choose to go to church or not. the number of Christians is declining in our country but increasing in the places that Christians are persecuted. Maybe we are too comfortable.

Patient God, move us out of our comfort zone and help us to not take you for granted. AMEN