Music touches the soul

There is nothing in the world so much like prayer as music is.       William P. Merrill


To me, music is not like prayer, it is prayer. I can sit in the church and listen to the music and be pulled out of myself. Attending a service where everyone sings out in praise can touch my soul. I can be moved to tears by a beautiful hymn. I thank God that he has gifted us with music.

Prayer: Thank you God for the beautiful music. May we continue to be touched by it and drawn closer to you. Amen


2 thoughts on “Music touches the soul”

  1. Amen! Hence…the reason I post so many! Lol.
    They really do speak to you…unlike verse, in the sense, the music of course brings the writers feelings, emotions to the words. Just as an aria can bring you to tears. Weeping with words you may not even understand.


  2. Ps…every morning, I start my day at least 3 hours before dawn, when it’s silent in the rest of the house, start one of my Google Playlist…setting it to “shuffle” the 100-1,000 songs, and it would literally play songs that spoke about my feelings in that moment…so they became such deep heartfelt prayers…
    This playlist is comprised of the songs and motivational speeches, that I listened to over and over, during a dark 3 year period of my life. They saved my life.
    They completely opened my heart, die to self, and allow Him to take over, and change me.
    These are the ones chosen for the film score….they are set, in the order of each chapter of “my story”.
    I’m posting the link on my site.
    Thank you again, for sharing from your heart.


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