Learn from pain

Out of pain and problems have come the sweetest songs, and the most gripping stories.

Billy Graham

When you read the Bible you discover that the stories are about problems. If there is no trial there is no story. We all suffer pain of some kind. Life is not free of pain but if we are careful we can learn from the pain and use it to help someone else. Each person’s story in the Bible is there for a reason…so that we can learn from it. We can also learn from our own stories and those around us.


Loving God, you can us many stories in the Bible to learn from. Help us learn from our own and the ones we hear each day. AMEN

3 thoughts on “Learn from pain”

  1. Indeed…the Bible is God’s everlasting words and His Speaking Now…for anyone that reads His Words…they are Eternal..as are the stories of those..the suffering and miraculous stories then……as they are Ours now…there is nothing new in this world…there is simply evolving and Getting ever closer to Remembering the Living ….of our Divinity….Living Gods Plan….We indeed…are His Works…In the Flesh…
    God is so Great…


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