_lovehateHate is a very big, very hungry thing with sharp teeth. It will eat up your whole heart and leave no room left for love.

From the movie Amish Grace


Sometimes people hurt us. Sometimes they damage us so much that anger and hate enter our hearts. Forgiveness doesn’t seem possible. The problem is that the hate is in our hearts not in the heart of the person who inflicted that pain. It is us who have the monster eating away….limiting our ability to have any other emotion. We have to cast it out or we risk the love we deserve. This is not easy but by putting aside the hurt and forgiving we can let love cast out the thing eating us from the inside.


God of love, help us to throw out the hatred and anger and replace it with love. Be with us each day as we strive to let it go and give us strength to move from hate to love. AMEN



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