Share Christ

francisNo matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.               Robin Williams

We have to be careful about our words. They can do a great deal of harm. They can also do a great deal of good. If we don’t speak out about Christ and share his message who will?

Loving God, give us the words to share Christ. Give us the wisdom to use our word carefully. AMEN

2 thoughts on “Share Christ”

    1. My thought is we may never know if we are being heard. Sometimes something is said that seems to fall in a hole. The only thing you can do is to share your belief gently and stand with it. No discussion, no argument. Just this is what I believe. I have had someone come back to me years later and say that something that I said changed everything for them. We just put out the seeds and let them fall. Don’t be discouraged. You have done your part and the rest is up to God.


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